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PPI helps keep polyurethane foam processing lines up and running

We offer on-site technical service and training programs, as well as polyurethane system parts and equipment repair services, throughout North America.

We also offer technical support, parts, and repair services in Mexico and South America through TecnaPol Industrial and in China, Southeast Asia, and other parts of the world through Impianti OMS.

On-Site Service

Any downtime is expensive. Excessive downtime can damage customer relationships. Our experienced service technicians can get your equipment up and running, as well as help you establish a maintenance program that will prevent problems in the future.

Our on-site service includes:

  • Polyurethane equipment maintenance and repair.
  • Process and equipment troubleshooting for RIM, RRIM and SRIM systems.
  • Preventive maintenance programs for polyurethane foam manufacturing systems.
  • Upgrades and modifications for polyurethane foam equipment and production systems.

Contact us for assistance or to schedule service.

On-Site Training

A thorough understanding of the process and equipment used to manufacture polyurethane foam can go a long way toward optimizing production and maximizing profits. That is why PPI developed an on-site training program designed to help polyurethane equipment operators and maintenance personnel minimize downtime and improve production.

Through a combination of classroom and hands-on training, our instructors:

  • Identify the key problem areas and the warning signs of trouble ahead.
  • Review system controls, alarms, and troubleshooting procedures.
  • Review equipment calibration procedures.
  • Review proper maintenance procedures for the various pieces of equipment that make up your polyurethane foam system.
  • Establish daily, weekly, monthly, and annual scheduled maintenance requirements for your specific system.

Contact us to schedule a training session at your facility.

PPI Technical Support Network

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