High-speed panel lamination with three mix heads.

Double-belt conveyor for
continuous panel production

Vertical panel
cooling system.

Discontinuous panel production.

Refrigerator production with cabinet fixutres (left) and six-station Drum Unit for doors (right).

Fully Integrated Systems for Existing and
New Polyurethane Foam Production Plants

We design, manufacture and supply fully integrated, turnkey systems for the production of insulating foam panels, building materials, domestic and industrial refrigerator cabinets and doors, automotive and truck parts, sporting equipment, slabstock foams, and many other end uses.

Backed by OMS Group’s experience, technical expertise and innovative equipment, our plant installations and retrofits include start-up, testing, training of plant personnel, and ongoing service and support. See our Consulting page for more information about our process improvement, engineering and system services.

Insulating Foam Production Plants

From raw material storage to final stacking and packing lines, we provide systems to manufacture virtually any type of insulating foam product. OMS Group also has successfully constructed and retrofitted plants for use of pentane or cyclopentane as an alternative to CFC blowing agents in insulating foams.

  • Continuous Flexible and Rigid Face Panel Plants for large scale production of high quality panels using different substrates, such as paper or metal, and PIR / PUR type polyurethane foam, phenolic foam, or rockwool bonded with polyurethane adhesive.
  • Discontinuous Panel Plants for the production of metal-faced panels for walk-in cooler and building panel applications.
  • Domestic and Commercial Refrigerator Plants. Complete plants for manufacturing cabinets and doors, featuring modular equipment designed for versatility and improved production.

Special Presses for insulated foam production, including curved panels.

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Carousel for automotive integral skin production.

Air filters production line with oval carousel.

Automotive and Truck Part Production

Our equipment and fully integrated plants provide automotive manufacturers what they need: Maximum up-time, low maintenance, and fast cycle times. OMS Group has successfully installed systems to produce:

  • Dual hardness seating
  • Single hardness seating
  • Steering wheels
  • Interior trim
  • Headrests
  • Dashboards
  • Headliners
  • Sound proofing and sound absorption components
  • Vehicle flooring
  • RRIM external body parts
  • Pre-formed acoustic carpet systems
  • Air filters

OMS Group air filter plants for OEM and multiple-model spare parts production are recognized as the industry standard. OMS Group also provides color units for high pressure technology and special presses for a wide range of automotive parts.

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Robot-mounted mix head pours gaskets into parts placed on movable platens.

Low-pressure elastomer machine and carousel for manufacturing in-line skate wheels.

Above: BB3 for batch foam production .
Left: Slabstock production line.

Elastomers and Gasket Microdosing Plants

Engineering grade and high temperature elastomers require specialized machinery and precise control of process parameters to ensure repeatable, high product quality. Gasketing plants require special micro-metering systems for use with thixotropic materials.

OMS Group excels in these product fields by providing a mix of standard and purpose-built machinery to meet specific production requirements, including medium- and high-temperature low-pressure machines with specially mounted mix heads and color units for low-pressure technology.

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Slabstock and Batch Foam Plants

OMS Group has been designing and constructing plants for the production of rigid and flexible foam blocks since 1969.

  • Discontinuous (Batch) Rigid or Flexible Foam Block Plants require less space and they are operator friendly, with simple maintenance.

  • Continuous (Slabstock) Rigid or Flexible Foam Block Plants are more sophisticated and primarily suited to large scale production of block foams.

Both continuous and discontinuous production systems can be designed to use new, innovative “under vacuum” technology and such alternative blowing agents as pentane and cyclopentane.

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