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Complete Bulk Chemical Storage & Blending
Systems for Polyurethane Processing

We design, manufacture and supply turnkey chemical storage and blending systems for polyurethane processing. Bulk chemical storage systems can significantly reduce material costs through bulk purchasing. These systems also elminate many of the safety issues and labor costs associated with handling drums of chemicals.

Our systems include bulk unloading stations for liquid materials delivered by tanker truck or rail car, storage tanks, transfer pumps and all necessary controls, valves, instrumentation and piping.

We also supply custom bulk chemical handling systems that include:

  • Material blending with either load cells or metering pumps.
  • Pentane storage systems with tanks; transfer pump; metering and mixing before the mix head; and safety systems with pentane sensors, leak detection and controls.

Standard Dual Tank System Includes:

  • Bulk chemical unloading boxes with hose connections, valves, gauges, and controls.
  • Pressure unload for polyol and isocyanate.
  • One 6,000 gallon ASME plascite-lined steel storage tank polyol tank (additional sizes available).
  • One 6,000 gallon ASME plascite-lined steel storage tank for isocyanate (additional sizes available).
  • Transfer pump for polyol.
  • Transfer pump for isocyanate.
  • Touch-screen control panel.
  • Plant "loop" distribution piping.
  • Check out and start up.
  • Manual and drawings.

Our standard bulk storage tanks come with a ladder, handrails and all necessary valves and tank instrumentation (sight level gauges, RV, rupture disk, vacuum breaker).

Options and additional equipment:

  • Pentane storage and blending systems
  • Polyol tank agitator.
  • Bulk unload pumps for polyol and isocyanate.
  • Pressure equalization lines.
  • Temperature control using heat exchangers, tempered water units and chiller.
  • Installation.
  • Additional tanks and tank sizes.
  • Material blending systems using load cells or metering pumps.

We will work with you to design and supply a system that satisiifies your building and production requirements.

Contact us for additional information or to request a quote.

Standard bulk storage tanks include ladder, handrails and all necessary valves and instrumentation, such as level gauges.

Exterior and interior views of unload boxes

Optional isocyanate unload pump

Above: Four-tank chemical storage system.
Left: Polyol transfer pumps and heat exchanger