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PU System Modification

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Upgrade or modify your RIM equipment to improve foam production, reduce downtime

You may not need to make a large capital investment in new metering machines or foam processing lines to reap the benefits of newer technology or meet the demands of a different polyurethane production process.

Frequently, we can modify or upgrade your existing polyurethane foam equipment on site or in our shop to reduce maintenance downtime, satisfy new environmental requirements, or meet the different manufacturing demands of a new urethane foam product.

Below are just some of the polyurethane equipment modifications and upgrades that we offer:

  • Replace mechanical pump shaft seals with magnetic couplings.
  • Change chemical metering pumps and motors to meet new production requirements.
  • Change or upgrade mix heads for new process conditions.
  • Add a pentane capable polyol module to an existing metering machine.
  • Add closed loop flow control.
  • Revise the chemical conditioning system for better temperature control.
  • Modify mixhead mounting for more ergonomic operation.

All of our polyurethane foam system modifications include updated drawings and, where applicable, new software.

Contact us for a quote or to discuss your options.

Image: Heat exchanger, improve temperature control
Image: Add pentane polyol processing module
Image: Install magnetic coupling on pumps

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