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PU Foam Metering Pumps

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Reliable, accurate metering pumps designed for polyurethane foam processing

The metering pump is one of the most critical components in polyurethane foam processing. It must be reliable and it must be capable of metering chemicals with a high degree of accuracy across a wide range of viscosities, temperatures and operating pressures.

PPI can help you select the correct metering pump for your application, whether you are replacing an existing pump or re-engineering a polyurethane foam processing system to handle new production demands.

We recommend Rotary Power (RHL Hydraulics) fixed and variable displacement metering pumps as one of the best values in the industry. We also supply Rexroth fixed and variable displacement pumps for greater flexibility in replacing an older chemical metering pump.

Image: Rexroth A2VK metering pump, Rotary Power foam pump, Samhydraulik metering pump