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High Pressure Mix Heads

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High-pressure foam mix heads for reliable, cost-effective polyurethane processing

OMS L-style and straight polyurethane foam mixing heads are designed to provide high pressure impingement mixing, with long life across a wide range of open mold and closed mold applications.

L-Style Mix Head Features:

  • Optimum shot control.
  • Variety of injector styles and sizes to fit your application.
  • Adjustable cleanout piston stroke improves mixing efficiency, standard on every mix head.
  • Double cleanout piston seals for longer life.
  • Recirculating color groove (optional).
  • Special nozzle lengths available.
  • Double L mix heads with two pour pistons for seating applications.
  • High strength materials and seals designed for maximum life.
  • Cleanout hydraulics separated from chemical block to minimize oil contamination.
  • Laminar output flow for splash-free operation with open molds.
  • 200,000 shot, 1 year warranty.
  • Low cost repairs and seal changes available.

Straight-Style Mix Head Features:

  • Ideal for continuous and discontinuous panel applications.
  • Compact.
  • Economical

We also offer rental mix heads, which can be used to try out a mix head with your application or to temporarily replace a mix head that needs repair. Contact us for more information.

Injector styles:

  • Conical Style injectors for rigid and flexible foam applications, including refrigerators, walk-in and reach-in coolers, water heaters, furniture and automotive seat cushions, insulated building panels, and doors. Select from a wide range of orifice and needle sizes to maximize mixing and shot control.
  • Diesel Style injectors for hard-to-mix polyurethane foam applications, such as steering wheels, door panels, acoustical foams, and window encapsulation. Select from a range of sizes and spring-adjustect or pin-adjusted holders.
  • Pneumatically controlled injectors are available for setpoint control or remote adjustment of shot pressures.

Our process experts can help you select the correct model and combination of injectors for your application. Contact us for assistance or a quote.


» ECOMIX Y2K Data Sheet / PDF 584 KB

Left: Pendant control mounted on an L-style mixing head

Below: Continuous panel line using multiple straight-style mix heads with pneumatically controlled injectors.

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Mix Head Selection Data
Model Output Ranges
Ratio 1:1 Ratio 2:1
g/sec g/sec
ECOMIX Y2K 4/6 15-100 20-80
ECOMIX Y2K 6/10 50-300 60-250
ECOMIX Y2K 10/14 100-600 120-500
ECOMIX Y2K 12/18 200-1100 250-800
ECOMIX Y2K 16/24 500-3000 600-2500