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Rexroth Metering Pumps

Because of its wide range of standard configurations, the Rexroth A2VK axial piston pump provides the greatest flexibility as a replacement for older metering pumps in polyurethane foam processing systems.

We offer the A2VK SO2 and A7VK SI0 high-pressure pumps, which are both specifically designed for polyurethane foam applications. The A2VK available in fixed or variable displacement models, with clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation, left-hand or right-hand controls, and open or closed circuit configuration.


  • Fixed or variable displacement, ranging from 6 to 55 cm³/rev.
  • High metering accuracy and repeatability of variable flows.
  • Manual handwheel control with precision indicator and clamping device (A7VK).
  • Handwheel or variable frequency drive control (A2VK).
  • Outlet pressures to 250 bar (3600 psi).
  • Low suction pressure, even when pumping highly viscous fluids.
  • Very little flow pulsation.
  • Seals and other pump materials specially selected for compatibility with the chemicals being pumped.
  • Double handwheel and drive shaft seals with fluid lubricating ports.
  • Magnetic drive couplings available.

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Open vs. Closed Circuit Metering Pumps

The open circuit pump is the easiest to plumb. Typically, it is used when the process allows low suction pressure for pumping, such as with lower viscosity fluids fed to the pump inlet by day-tank pressure.

Open circuit pumps must be primed before starting, and they require the use of a relief mechanism to ensure that inlet pressure limits are not exceeded.

The closed circuit pump is designed for use with higher viscosity fluids or blowing agents that must be maintained at pressures greater than 10 bar. Typically, this configuration is used when a high-pressure day tank or separate pre-charge pump is necessary.

A leakage line must be installed to connect the closed circuit pump to a container or tank maintained at low pressure.

Image: Rexroth A2VK PU foam metering pump with relief valve


» A2VK Pump Data Sheet / PDF 123 KB

» A7VK Pump Data Sheet / PDF 906KB

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