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Prolong pump life with PPI replacement parts

We offer commercially available parts at a competitive price for many major metering pump brands, including Rexroth and Rotary Power.

Image: Metering pump parts shown are gaskets, seals, bushings, bearings, safety valve

We also provide replacement parts for Rexroth hydraulic pumps and some piston pump metering cylinders used in polyurethane foam processing systems.

If you need an obsolete or hard-to-find part, ask about our custom parts services. We can manufacture replacement and custom parts to your specifications.

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Metering Pump Repair Kits

We stock repair kits for Rexroth and Rotary Power (RHL) chemical metering pumps. Each kit contains the full set of gaskets, O-rings, seals, bushings, bearings and hardware required to replace the common wear parts on a metering pump.

We also stock seal kits for HE metering cylinders.

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Image: Rexroth A2VK axial piston pump seal kit

Pump Seals, Bushings and Bearings

In addition to repair kits, we stock individual seal kits, seals, gaskets, bushings, and bearings for metering pumps made by Rexroth, Rotary Power, RHL and other leading manufacturers of polyurethane processing equipment. Seal kits include two (2) seals, bushing with O-ring, and seal housing O-ring.

Seals can be the least expensive part to replace and the most costly in terms of downtime and lost production when they fail. And eventually, all seals fail. Heat, pressure, the use of chemical fillers, improper installation, and the seal material itself all affect seal life.

PPI can help determine the reasons behind early or frequent seal failure and help you select the correct material and seal design for your metering pump and application. If necessary, we can design custom seals to solve the problem.

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Image: pump bearings, seals, bushings

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Pump Relief Valves

In some applications, a safety limiting or relief valve may be required on a chemical metering pump to ensure that the inlet pressure does not exceed the outlet pressure during start up.

We supply relief valves for Rotary Power C-Range and Rexroth A2VK polyurethane foam metering pumps. The valves provide a safety pressure override and can be fed directly back to the inlet or vented to air as required.

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Image: Rexroth, Rotary Power pump relief valves

Need a part we don’t list here?

In addition to the featured Mix Head Parts, Pump Parts and Custom Parts, we supply replacements and parts for:

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