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Besides parts for OMS mix heads, we are a competitive source of high-quality parts for other mixhead brands. We can cross-reference parts offered by many major mixing head manufacturers, including Cannon, Gusmer, Krauss-Maffei, and MHR. PPI parts are made with the highest quality materials and are offered at a lower cost than the original equipment manufacturer.

Image - Mix head parts shown are orifice, needles, injectors, nozzles, seals, seal kits, O-rings

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If we don’t have your part in stock, we can duplicate standard parts or manufacture parts to your specifications. To learn more about our parts manufacturing capabilities, see our Custom Parts page.

Orifices, Needles and Injectors

The type, size and maintenance of orifices, needles and injectors are critical to the efficient production of polyurethane foam. When these parts become worn or are incorrectly applied, chemical waste and scrap rates increase while product quality declines.

We stock:

Image - Mix Head Orifices, Needles, Injectors and Nozzles
  • Conical-style needles
  • Carbide-tipped needles
  • Diesel-style injectors
  • Orifices
  • Nozzles, retainers and caps
  • Pin-adjusted holders
  • Spring-adjusted holders
  • O-rings

Save 50% on Carbide-Tipped Needles

Don't throw away your old carbide-tipped needles. For less than half the cost of a new needle, we can put your old needle in like-new condition by replacing the carbide tip and seals. We also replace carbide orifices.
More about PPI mix head repairs »

Our orifices, needles and injectors are made with the highest quality materials to ensure long life. We stock the most common needle and injector sizes, complete nozzle and holder assemblies, and individual holder and nozzle parts.

Contact us for availability and pricing.

Mix Head Seals and Seal Kits

Seals can be the least expensive part to replace and the most costly in terms of downtime and lost production when they fail. Eventually, all seals fail. Heat, pressure, dirty hydraulic oil, chemical fillers, improper installation, and the seal material itself all affect seal life.

PPI can help you select the correct seal material, design and size for your mix head and application. This is especially important when you replace mix head pistons. Pour and cleanout piston diameters increase each time the pistons are replaced. OEM seals are sized for the original piston diameter and are often too small for the new piston. This can make assembly difficult and shorten the life of new seals.

We stock O-rings, standard and high-performance seals and seal kits for many major mix head brands. PPI seal kits can be customized to include oversized piston seals, which provide maximum seal life by ensuring that the new seals match new rod sizes with the correct percent preload.

Contact us for availability and pricing.

Image: Mixhead Seals and Seal Kits

» Save money with PPI custom seals

Improve seal life and reduce downtime with PPI custom seals and seal kits. We can help determine the reasons behind early or frequent seal failure and design custom seals to solve the problem.

Proximity Sensors and Cables 

We offer replacement proximity sensors and cables for many major mix head brands. We stock sensors and cables from Pepperl & Fuchs and other manufacturers.

Contact us for availability and pricing.

Image: Mixing Head Proximity Sensor (prox sensor) and Cables

Mix Head Maintenance Tools 

Many mix head manufacturers require proprietary tools for routine maintenance or repair of their equipment. If you need special tools to maintain your mixing head, contact us.

We offer special maintenance tools for many types of mix heads. If we don’t have it, we may be able to duplicate the tool at a lower price.

Contact us for availability and pricing. 

Image: Maintenance Tools for Cannon Mixing Heads

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In addition to the featured Mix Head Parts, Pump Parts and Custom Parts, we supply replacements and parts for:

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