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15 AUGUST 2012

Polyurethane Process Industries Opens Demonstration Facility

Greenbsburg, PA. – Polyurethane Process Industries (PPI) has opened a new demonstration room in Greensburg, PA, featuring high- and low-pressure metering machines from the OMS Group.

"Polyurethane Process Industries demonstration room with Ecomaster 100 high-pressure and Impact 6 low-pressure metering machinesWe have an OMS Ecomaster 100 high-pressure machine and an OMS Impact 6 low-pressure machine,” said Mark Clark, PPI founder and general manager. PPI is the exclusive U.S. distributor of polyurethane foam equipment made by Italian manufacturer Impianti OMS S.p.A.

Both OMS machines are available for inspection and demonstration at PPI’s facility at 1628 Roseytown Road, Suite 7, Greensburg, PA. Customers will be able to look over the features of each machine and see how the machines work using a neutral oil in place of their chemical components.

The Ecomaster family of polyurethane mixing and dispensing machines can be configured for nearly any high-pressure application, including continuous and discontinuous insulating panels, refrigerator doors and cabinets, hot water heaters and automotive interior components.

The Ecomaster 100 demonstration machine can output from 80 gm/sec to 1600 gm/sec on both sides, with a 1:1 ratio. It is equipped with:

  • 65 gallon ASME 150 psi jacketed tanks with agitators and automatic level control

  • Return line heat exchangers

  • Rexroth A7 28cc/rev pumps

  • Magnetic coupling on the isocyanate pump

  • AB Compact Logix PLC and touch screen HMI

  • Inverters and flow meters for closed-loop flow control

  • L-style 12/18 mix head with pendant

OMS Impact low-pressure metering machines are used in a number of applications, including low-volume production, elastomers, microdosing, foam-in-place gasket and filter plants, and continuous block foam production.

The Impact 6 demonstration machine is designed for a 2:1 ratio and total output capabilities (both sides) from 30 gm/sec to 120 gm/sec. It is equipped with:

  • 20-gallon, 0.5-bar non-code tanks

  • 0.4-bar tank pressurization circuits

  • Automatic level control

  • Agitator on the polyol tank.

  • AB micro Logix PLC and HMI

  • Inverter pump output control

  • Inverter mixer motor speed control

  • Hot water flush and solvent flush capabilities

For complete specifications or to arrange a demonstration, call 724-691-0551.


16 FEBRUARY 2012

Vince DiGiorgio Named Area Service and Sales Account Manager for Polyurethane Process Industries

LATROBE, PA. – Vince DiGiorgio has joined Polyurethane Process Industries, LLC, (PPI) as Area Service and Sales Account Manager for the western United States.

DiGiorgio has more than 30 years experience managing process and technical service operations in RIM production plants, as well as sales and field service for two of the world’s largest polyurethane equipment manufacturers: Graco Inc. and Cannon.

“I’m so pleased Vince decided to become a part of our organization,” said MarkPhoto of Vince DiGiorgio, PPI Field Service and Sales Account Manager Clark, PPI’s general manager. “He is the best process technician that I’ve ever worked with. He is customer-oriented, experienced and the best in the industry when it comes to troubleshooting process and equipment-related problems.”

During his three decades in the polyurethane industry, DiGiorgio has been responsible for selling, installing and servicing polyurethane processing systems purchased by manufacturers of automotive, refrigeration, recreational, medical, transportation and electrical control products.

DiGiorgio began his career as a process engineer ensuring reliable performance of automotive foam machines at Johnson Controls, Inc., in Livermore, Calif. He went on to work as a sales manager with Tecnos USA, part of the Cannon Group; as North American field service manager for Cannon USA, Inc.; and then as RIM manager for two automotive parts manufacturers.

Most recently, DiGiorgio worked for Graco as a field service manager and as the company’s Northwest Area Sales Manager.

On Feb. 6, 2012, DiGiorgio became responsible for managing sales and field service for all PPI customers west of the Mississippi River, Clark said. PPI supplies new manufacturing systems, as well as rebuilt and modified equipment, to the automotive, refrigeration, heating and ventilation, transportation, construction, recreation, furniture and healthcare industries. PPI also is the exclusive U.S. distributor of polyurethane equipment and systems produced by Italian manufacturer Impianti OMS S.p.A.

“Vince has worked with, rebuilt, installed and serviced equipment from most of the largest polyurethane equipment manufacturers in the world,” Clark said. “He is familiar with Cannon, Graco, Krauss-Maffei, OMS and many others. We’re very happy our customers will now have the benefit of all that experience”



Polyurethane Process Industries Moving to Larger Facility in Greensburg, PA

LATROBE, PA. – For the second time in four years, Polyurethane Process Industries, LLC, (PPI) is moving to larger quarters to accommodate the needs of its growing customer base.

"We’re returning to Greensburg, Pa., which is the town where we started in 2004,” said Mark Clark, PPI founder and general manager. “Of course, our new facility is a whole lot bigger than what we had back then. And it’s about a third larger than the Latrobe space we expanded into four years ago.”

PPI provides new and rebuilt processing equipment, parts, repair services and engineering assistance to North American manufacturers of polyurethane foam for the automotive, refrigeration, heating and ventilation, transportation, construction, recreation, furniture and healthcare industries. PPI also is the exclusive U.S. distributor of polyurethane manufacturing equipment and systems supplied by Italian industrial equipment maker, Impianti OMS S.p.A.

The new facility in Greensburg will house a demonstration area for the OMS Group’s low- and high-pressure polyurethane metering equipment in addition to more office space and a larger parts warehouse and repair shop.

PPI will be fully operational in the new facility at 1628 Roseytown Road, Suite 7, Greensburg, PA, 15601-7584, on Monday, February 27. The new telephone and fax numbers will be (724) 691-0551 and (724) 691-0696 respectively.

"We don't anticipate any disruption in service during our move," Clark said. "Phone calls to our old numbers will be forwarded to our new offices. We will continue accepting shipments at our old Latrobe facility through Saturday, February 25.”