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23 JANUARY 2008

OMS Group Selects Polyurethane Process Industries as Sole U.S. Distributor

January 23, 2008. LATROBE, PA. - Polyurethane Process Industries (PPI) in Latrobe, Pa., will be the exclusive U.S. distributor of polyurethane foam equipment produced by Italian manufacturer OMS Group, both companies announced.

OMS Group, headquartered near Milan, Italy, ranks as one of the world's leading suppliers of high-pressure and low-pressure polyurethane foam machinery and manufacturing plants. PPI has provided high-quality, low-cost equipment, parts, repairs, service and engineering assistance to North American polyurethane manufacturers since 2004.

The agency agreement, which was signed by both companies this week, will strengthen OMS Group's presence in North America and provide better after-sales support to OMS customers in the United States, said Eraldo Greco, Sales Manager of OMS Group. PPI already supplies highly qualified technical assistance and an efficient spare parts service to the U.S. polyurethane manufacturing industry, Greco said.

"OMS searched for a long time for a reliable partner to help us get ahead with our business in the U.S. market, and I think that PPI is the right answer for us," Greco said. "Both OMS and PPI have good reputations in the U.S.A. and a lot of experience in the polyurethane market. OMS has been considered a point of reference for the domestic and international polyurethane industry for years. We are sure that out clients will benefit from our cooperation with PPI."

PPI General Manager Mark Clark said PPI customers also will benefit from the new relationship. PPI will continue to provide low-cost parts and repair service for equipment made by other manufacturers, Clark said, but PPI customers now have a wider range of reliable, new technology available to them.

"This relationship really complements are current parts and repair business," Clark said. "It makes a wider range of replacement products and increased engineering support available to our customers. Because OMS equipment is reliable and technologically advanced, we can propose technical solutions that can satisfy a wider range of needs. We also will be able to provide better international support to our U.S. customers with plants overseas."

PPI will act as the sole U.S. distributor for the whole range of OMS Group equipment. OMS will stock new high-pressure and low-pressure foaming machines, as well as an appropriate inventory of spare parts, at PPI's facility in southwestern Pennsylvania.

PPI also will support OMS Group's efforts to promote its technology in the United States, including turn-key and specially designed processing systems for the production of continuous and discontinuous foam insulation panels; industrial and domestic refrigeration units; automotive parts; slabstock foams; gaskets; and high-temperature cast elastomers.


7 JANUARY 2008

Polyurethane Process Industries Moves to Larger Facility

January 7, 2008. LATROBE, PA.. - To better serve the company's growing customer base, equipment, parts and service supplier, Polyurethane Process Industries, LLC, has moved to larger quarters in Latrobe.

PPI provides new and rebuilt polyurethane processing equipment, parts, repair services and engineering assistance to the North American reaction injection molding (RIM) industry. The company's customers include manufacturers of polyurethane foam products for the automotive, refrigeration, transportation, construction, recreation, furniture and healthcare industries.

Demand for PPI's products and services has increased steadily since it began operations in Greensburg, Pa., in 2004, said Mark Clark, company founder and general manager. PPI's replacement parts and equipment rebuilding services continue to be in high demand as polyurethane foam processors search for ways to reduce manufacturing costs, he added.

“We definitely outgrew our space in Greensburg," Clark said. “The new facility in Latrobe provides more room for equipment repairs and manufacturing, as well as a larger warehouse for our growing parts inventory and a display area for our new equipment offerings.”

Besides parts and repair services, PPI sells new high-pressure metering machines, mix heads, chemical pumps, and hydraulic systems used in a variety of polyurethane foam applications, including molded parts, continuous and discontinuous panels, and commercial and domestic refrigeration.

PPI began operations from the new facility at Latrobe's Unity Industrial Commons today. The company's new address is 410 Unity Street, Suite 820, Latrobe, PA 15650. The new telephone and fax numbers are (724) 459-4505 and (724) 459-4507 respectively.

“To ease the transition for our customers, we will continue accepting shipments and telephone calls at the old Greensburg office for a few months,” Clark said. “But as of today, Latrobe is the new home of Polyurethane Process Industries.”