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PPI and OMS Group Highlight Auto Manufacturing Solutions at 2017 Foam Expo

Polyurethane Process Industries, LLC, and Impianti OMS S.p.A. will feature manufacturing solutions for the automotive industry in Booth 206 at the 2017 Foam Expo in Michigan.

TPhoto of OMS ECOMASTER high-pressure metering machineaking place February 28 - March 2 in Novi, a suburb of Detroit, Foam Expo is North America's first free-to-attend exhibition and conference for the manufacturers and buyers of technical foam materials, products and services.

"Customers are familiar with our equipment for producing insulated panels for the refrigeration and construction industries," said Mark Clark, general manager of Polyurethane Process Industries (PPI). "But we also offer complete plants and systems for manufacturing parts used in the automotive, medical and aerospace industries."

PPI supplies equipment, parts and technical support for cost-effective production of flexible, rigid and elastomeric polyurethane products. The Pennsylvania company is the exclusive U.S. distributor of polyurethane processing equipment made by Impianti OMS SpA, the Italian manufacturer also known as OMS Group.

"We want to show some of OMS Group's recent technology innovations for parts and device manufacturers who need the lighter weight, load-bearing or sound-absorbing properties associated with polyurethane," Clark said.

OMS Group recently developed and installed innovative technology to manufacture:

  • Resilient, lightweight parts with excellent load-bearing and acoustical properties for automotive and medical device industries. The new ECOMASTER MD RIM machine precisely meters two polyurethane components and a mineral filler, such as calcium carbonate or expandable graphite, directly into the mixing head by way of an additional hydraulically actuated metering cylinder. Both the cylinder and mixing head are designed to resist the corrosiveness of mineral fillers.
  • Photo of 36-press carousel with automotive air filter moldsDifferent sizes and shapes of car filters with zero downtime for mold changes. OMS recently installed a system that produces up to 500 filters per hour with mixed filter models thanks to a "rapid-hook system" on the 36-press carousel that permits mold changes during the normal automatic production cycle. The production line also includes an integrated automatic mold release spray system with a six-axis robot, release agent feeding and spray units.
  • Large DCPD parts for trucks and tractors. PPI recently supplied a specially designed OMS ECOMASTER 200/400 reaction injection molding (RIM) machine to make 50-pound truck hoods. The unit delivered a low-viscosity, liquid molding resin at shot sizes up to 5,000 grams/second to two high-pressure mixing heads without nucleation or bubbles.
  • Photo of OMS Group's low pressure system for making block foam panelsHigh-quality, low-density, sound-absorbing panels for automotive headliners and other parts. OMS recently designed and built a new discontinuous foam system that meters four chemical components, including a solid in the form of a powder. The low-pressure system produces block foam with very low density of 15 kg per cubic meter.

"The demand is never-ending for new materials and manufacturing methods in almost every sector of polyurethane processing," Clark said. "We're happy to be at the forefront of offering solutions to these challenges."

PPI technical experts also will be on hand at the Foam Expo to discuss the latest technology for processing with newer blowing agents and flame retardants. Besides polyurethane processing equipment, PPI supplies blending and transfer systems for HFO and hydrocarbon blowing agents, as well as other chemical materials and additives.



PPI Helps Auto Parts Manufacturer Make Large DCPD Truck Hoods

An automotive parts manufacturer in Mexico wanted to make 50-pound hoods for large over-the-road trucks using Metton® liquid molding resin, which is composed of two, low-viscosity DCPD streams injected into a closed mold.

Photo of 120-ton vertical press for making large truck hoodsThe challenge: How to deliver shot sizes up to 5,000 grams/second, while insuring that no air entered the system and all key processing parameters of ratio control, temperature, pressure and flow rates were maintained.

Polyurethane Process Industries (PPI) supplied an Impianti OMS EcoMaster 400/200 reaction injection molding (RIM) machine, specially equipped to deliver the Metton to two high-pressure mixheads without nucleation or bubbles in the materials. Maintaining low pad pressure and slow agitator speeds were critical. Low-pressure feed pumps were used to maintain head pressure on the metering pumps.

The two mixheads impingement mixed the activator and catalyst at a 1:1 ratio and injected the mixture into a closed mold mounted to a 120-ton, vertical hydraulic press. PPI also supplied the press, which was designed with 10- by 12-foot platens that open like a book for easier mold preparation and unloading of the finished truck hoods.

A closed-loop control system, which self corrects all key processing parameters and allows remote access troubleshooting, maintains full process control.



Cost Effective OMS Third-Stream Blowing Agent Technology Now Available in North America

The OMS Group has begun offering its new “third stream” flammable blowing agent metering technology to polyurethane foam manufacturers in North America.

TIllustration of the OMS Y2k-3K three-component, high-pressure mixing head.he technology, which was introduced at the 2014 Center for Polyurethanes Industry Technical Conference, injects flammable blowing agents, such as pentane or methyl formate, directly into a high-pressure mixing head as a third component along with isocyanate and polyol.

Direct injection of the flammable blowing agent results in well-mixed foams, with similar to slightly better physical foam characteristics when compared to traditional pre-head blending of the flammable blowing agent, according to OMS and Huntsman Polyurethanes. Huntsman participated with OMS in laboratory trials that tested the technology.

“This technology has the added benefit of being less expensive for manufacturers who need to switch from HFCs to more environmentally friendly blowing agents while keeping their existing metering unit,” said Mark Clark, general manager of Polyurethane Process Industries. PPI is the exclusive U.S. distributor of OMS technology and equipment.

Photo of the OMS blowing agent metering unit.“With this process, there is no need to buy a new pentane-ready metering machine or an expensive retrofit of existing equipment,” Clark said. “A fully enclosed, intrinsically safe dosing unit connects directly to the adjustable, third-component injector at the mixing head.”

Hydrocarbon blowing agents, such as pentane, cyclopentane and isobutene, also tend to be less expensive than many of the newer materials and blends designed as HCFC and HFC replacements. HydSeveral industries have begun voluntarily discontinuing use of HFCs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Hydrocarbon blowing agents have zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) and very low Global Warming Potential (GWP).

The OMS “third stream” blowing agent system consists of:

  • AFlow diagram shows how the third stream dosing unit and blowing agent connects to the mixing head on an existing metering machine. blowing agent metering unit. This fully enclosed, intrinsically safe cabinet includes safety valve, liquid leak detector, gas detector, ventilation, a plate heat exchanger, variable high-pressure metering pump, flow meter and pump filter group.
  • Connection piping to the high-pressure mixing head.
  • OMS Y2K-3K three-component, “L”Style high-pressure mixing head. This self-cleaning mixing head is equipped with three nozzles to inject polyol, isocyanate and the blowing agent into the mixing chamber at adjustable pressures.
  • A separate electrical control panel. This panel controls the blowing agent metering unit and associated safety devices, with alarm monitoring and intervention.

OMS has demonstrated, in laboratory trials last year and now in the field, that manufacturers can change blowing agents to achieve better energy efficiency while using their existing equipment with this third-stream, direct-injection technology, Clark said.

For complete specifications or a quotation, call 724-691-0551.

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