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Process Improvement. Production changes. Plant or overseas expansions. PPI can help.

We offer engineering and polyurethane foam processing assistance to help increase production, satisfy new environmental regulations, update equipment technology, and expand production in existing plants or to countries outside the United States.


PPI can help design and select the correct equipment for many polyurethane foam manufacturing applications, including molded parts, discontinuous or continuous panels, and commercial or domestic refrigeration. We also upgrade existing RIM, RRIM and SRIM equipment to take advantage of the latest technology.

New PUR Plants and Plant Expansion

PPI can help you design the most efficient plant layout, determine equipment and chemical bulk storage needs, select the correct chemicals and blowing agents, and manage the project. Through our alliance partners, we can even provide local start-up and after-sales support for expansions in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, China, Southeast Asia and other locations around the world.

Blowing Agent Changes

New environmental regulations require the phase out and elimination of many common blowing agents used to manufacture rigid polyurethane foams.

PPI can help you determine the best blowing agent for your urethane foam product. We can evaluate your existing foam manufacturing system to determine whether it can satisfy the new process requirements. And if necessary, we can modify your machinery or help you select new equipment for the alternate PU process.

Polyurethane Process Improvement

Is your scrap rate too high? Is inefficiency, outdated technology, or excessive maintenance stealing from your profits? We can evaluate your foam manufacturing process to reduce scrap, improve quality, minimize downtime, and save money. We can even upgrade or modify your existing polyurethane equipment on site or in our shop to improve performance and reduce maintenance.

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